But how can we afford 2 more Commissioners and a County Manager?


First, let’s not pretend commissioners are operational managers with operational management salaries. They are our representatives. Let's construct this so they can do that job better.

The County Manager will be largely assuming the administrative activities currently done by the Commissioners. This allows the Commissioners to focus on policy that impacts business and residents climate. In recognition of the Commissioners' changed role, their compensation also changes from salary and benefits to a stipend. 

The stipend is based on the Circuit Court judge salary and roughly calculates out to $24,000 per year (no benefits, which they could "buy" from the County if desired). So let's look at the change:

Salary Tax+Benefits Total
102,005 22,932 124,937
92,087 54,071 146,158
95,771 36,938 132,709
  TOTAL 403,804

$24,000 * 5 = $120,000

A Savings of $283,804 that can be used for a
County Manager's Salary/Benefits