Why do we need a "County Manager"?

  1. A manager is trained to operate a municipality/county. They are professionals in the same way that company executives are professionals.
  2. A manager is trained and most likely has advanced degrees in public administration with training in budgeting, finance, personnel, labor relations, intergovernmental affairs, public works, community and economic development, and public safety.
  3. A manager is committed to municipal administration as a career.
  4. Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the County. It is their responsibility to bring coordination to the provision of services.
  5. Managers work to build a team of department heads and other employees.
  6. Managers establish and enforce policies in the areas of personnel, purchasing, cash management risk management, planning and employee development in order to provide more efficient and effective government.
  7. Having a manager provides more direct accountability to the Board for proper operation of services.