Citizens for Responsible Government lost this round but is not going away. The voters have spoken regarding Measure 17-116 that would have revised Josephine County's charter. Now it will be more important than ever to have a non-partisan group providing education, civic engagement and accurate information to voters.

CRG's mission is to promote, encourage and advocate for good governance and educate the citizenry and those who seek and hold public office in the principles and practices of good governance. This may mean trying again at some point for a charter revision. But until the CRG will set standards for good governance and work to see them implemented.

Hopefully the many volunteers and petition-signers who believed in our work will stick with us as we thank them all for their all-out efforts to get Measure 17-116 passed. This campaign has created a lively group of interested participants who have learned people from varied political backgrounds can work together in the interest of their community.

CRG intends to keep this spirit alive as we move forward toward our goal of better governance for Josephine County. Those interested in joining us for the next phase of our mission can sign up on our volunteer page.

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