Measure 17-116

What will this new Charter give us?

For better representation the Good Governance charter would:

  • Divide the county into four districts
  • Change the current three commissioner structure to a five commissioner board
    • Each district will elect a commissioner from their district to represent that district
    • The fifth commissioner will be elected at large
    • Districts will be determined by dividing up the population based on the 2020 census.

Better management would be achieved by:

  • Requiring a full-time county manager to run day-to-day operations
    • The Board will approve a professional with the necessary education, training, and experience
    • County Commissioners can focus on setting policy instead of running a business operation that they may lack the time and experience to administer.
    • With 5 Commissioners all decision making will require a quorum of three versus the current quorum of just two.

This Charter is designed to be cost effective and improve efficiency:

  • No longer will 3 Commissioners receive full salaries and benefits.
    • Under our current charter, each commissioner receives a full salary plus benefits. Once they have been in office for 5 years, they are entitled to PERS for life.  This year’s budget for the salaries and benefits is $406,000.
    • Under the new charter, the commissioners will no longer receive salaries and benefits, or PERS. Instead, each part-time commissioner will receive a monthly stipend equivalent to about $25,000 annually.
    • $406,000 - $125,000 = $281,000. This is enough to hire a well-qualified, full-time county manager, pay an excellent salary and benefits and stay within the county budget..
    • Instead of PERS for 3 Commissioner positions snowballing over the years as commissioners come and go, the county would have just one more department head to put on its PERS roll.

Better Accountability

  • A manager system would bring professional insights and personnel management of county operations.
  • Each commissioner would be responsible to the citizens of his or her district.
  • The citizens of the county as well as local media would have five commissioners and a manger to get information from instead of the current three.

CRG’s intention is to create a more balanced group of commissioners who would offer more diverse discussions, more creativity, better representation and accountability for all Josephine County citizens. 

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Side by Side Comparison to current

Side-by-Side Comparison to the Current

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