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I am proud to endorse the Measure 17-116 Charter Replacement ballot measure. It is an important step towards assuring full participation in our county government.

This Charter aligns with my values to have Josephine Count managed with integrity and efficiency. I believe it will have a positive impact for all residents in our county.

I urge everyone to support this Charter and help make Josephine Couty a better place.


Who's endorsing

Fritz Ameen
Mary Slayter
Lois MacMillan
Tracy Thompson
Hameed Shakeri
Bob and Kim Bath
Elizabeth Barnard
Kari Rein
Eva Voris Avery
Gina Marie Agosta
Tom Pattee
Jean Mount
Tom Bradbeer
Carolyn Kohn
Tina Casey Jones
Linda West
Larry West
Marybeth Camire
John Trussler
John Harelson
Larry West
Susan Benson
Bill Rossknecht
Willard Ransom
Lorrie McKeen
Allison Cleaveland
Richard Kirk
Mark Flynn
Patti Toronto
Tom Bradbeer

55 endorsements

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