The stipend amount seems really low. How could a commissioner live on that amount?


Regarding the stipend of approximately $24,000…. Currently the commissioners set policy and provide direct administration of all departments and their services. This charter requires a County Manager, who would largely assume the administration responsibilities. Commissioners would be part-time with the main responsibility of setting policy. The County Manager would work reporting to the Commissioners; Department Heads would report to the County Manager.  As our City Counselors, in both GP and CJ, are in public service for the public good; the stipend is public appreciation for their service. Most likely commissioner meetings would be moving to evenings, rather than 9AM to allow them to have other jobs – and allowing working folk to participate in the meetings. This is modeled after other counties, one of which gives a stipend of $200/month rather than $1200.

Keep in mind that the average per capita income in Josephine County according to the US Census Bureau is just over $29,000.