What is "Non-Partisan"

What does non-partisan really mean in our very divided society? Can people comprehend a group dealing with governance as being free from allegiance to a political party? Just because a political party supports something, does that make it partisan?

Being non-partisan isn’t hard. Most people do it when they join a chess club, a dance club, a gardening club, a humane society or any other interest group. They focus on the reason for the club, not who members might support for governor or president.

Citizens for Responsible Government is a non-partisan group formed to advocate for good governance in Josephine County. Governance may sound political but there is a difference between governance and politics. Politics involves a particular set of beliefs or principles that influence elected officials. Governance means setting standards for operating a city, county, fire district, water district or other public service area without political bias. It means finding out what makes good local elected officials. It means letting voters choose the best candidates because they measure up to the standards of good leadership, not because they simply run as partisans. CRG’s mission is to define, based on facts not opinions, what it means to have a functioning, workable governance that puts the community’s best interests before ideology and personal interests.

Will members of a non-partisan organization be affiliated with political parties? Of course individuals working with CRG may be registered Republicans, Democrats, Independents or not affiliated with any party, just like in any service group in the community. However, when it comes to local governance, state and national party issues take a backseat to a collective desire to improve local services. Members join CRG because they want to help our community thrive and the best way to do that is work together to develop a framework for success.  

It's possible that one or both of the dominant political parties in the community could endorse or reject CRG’s ideas. That doesn’t mean CRG is a “front” for a party that endorses it or opposes a party that rejects it. Political parties are organized to examine and endorse issues and candidates who conform to their platforms or reject issues and candidates who don’t conform to their platforms. CRG will not seek endorsements by trying to conform its standards of good governance to any political party.

CRG is setting an example of how Republicans, Democrats and others can work together to build on what each member brings to the table. Working together means pooling expertise, energy and contacts toward the focused goal of uplifting the community. In a community the size of Josephine County working together can be far more productive than working divided. If you support this concept, contribute your talent and ideas by contacting us at www.jococrg.org.