West says the voter will lose voting power because they could only vote for two commissioners and not legal council and the county surveyor

Voting power belongs to those who vote and Measure 17-116 makes little difference in that power. Currently voters only vote for three commissioners. They will still be able to vote for two, with better representation for their particular areas. And nothing in the charter prevents someone who lives in one district from campaigning for someone running from another district.  Candidates can better afford to run in a district instead of the entire county and it would be easier to recall one that fails at the job, keeping them on their toes. So that is a more concentrated voting power. Josephine County is the only county in Oregon that has an elected legal counsel and surveyor. These are jobs that require education and expertise.  Elections can be popularity contests that don’t guarantee the county would get people properly qualified for these jobs. Also, these positions require a lot of time and usually have on-going cases. Running for election consumes time and money, something people at this level shouldn’t have to do. If they are not doing their job an unelected official can be fired. The public wouldn’t have to put up with that person until the next election.