Latest Lie: It grows the government and more than doubles what the taxpayers will have to pay and binds us to potentially huge severance contracts for non-elected officials

Representation and efficiency grow in Measure 17-116. By making commissioner positions part-time Measure 17-116 actually reduces the government, spreading the more than $450,000 we now pay in salaries and benefits to three commissioners over five and a county manager who will absorb the administrative duties of the current commissioners. Taxpayers will not have to pay anything for this change because it just reworks what’s already there – in fact taxpayers may save money. As far as “huge” severance contracts, the Board will have control over the contract for a county manager and can write the severance contract like they do for every other county employee. This statement appears to be from someone who now enjoys the large salary and top-notch benefits and will resort to lying about Measure 17-116 to keep them. West has an interest in keeping the current charter as it is so he has a conflict of interest in coming out with this claim.